Forat For Hardware & Software

Technical Solutions can help you move your business to the best.

Energy Monitoring

Manage energy consumption, rather than accept it as a fixed cost that have no control over.

Water Management

Overhead Tank level Control, Recycled water and Water Temperature control.

Virtual University Services

The process of service center can work. But it can only do so if the reliable company.

Green environment

Environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance program development, training, implementation, and auditing.

Solutions Industries

Education: Schools, Colleges, Universities.
Government: Hospitals, Housing Associations & Local Councils

Forat For Hard & Soft Ware IT

In July of 2002, , Forat company started technical solutions to assist businesses in implementing technologies that would become revolutionary. Forat has become one of the leading providers of business Technical solutions in the Saudi Arabia. Built upon a network of strategic relationships with customers and vendors, the company has quickly grown to be a trusted business partner for voice, data, video, medical communications and network infrastructure solutions.

Forat company knows how to empower complex business needs through the innovative use of technology to maximize the return to the customer's bottom line. The company provides world class service backed by Factory Certified technicians. The company also offers comprehensive service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.